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General Information

This pathfinder is designed to help find information on stress: what is stress, possible causes and triggers, how to manage stress as well as related associations.

What is STRESS?

Stress is the reaction of our bodies and minds to something that upsets their normal balance. The human response to stressful events is an ancient one, dating back to a time when life was a constant struggle for survival.

Stress has physical and emotional effects on us and can create positive or negative feelings. As a positive influence, stress can help compel us to action; it can result in a new awareness and an exciting new perspective. As a negative influence, it can result in feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, and depression, which in turn can lead to health problems such as headaches, upset stomach, rashes, insomnia, ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.


Stress management is not to eliminate stress but to learn how to manage it and how to use it to help us. Insufficient stress acts as a depressant and may leave us feeling bored or dejected; on the other hand, excessive stressmay leave us feeling “tied up in knots.” What we need to do is find the optimal level of stress which will individually motivate but not overwhelm each of us.



Freeze-Frame: One Minute Stress Management: A Scientifically Proven Technique for Clear Decision Making and Improved Health
Author: Doc Childre, Bruce Cryer
Publisher: Planetary Publications
ISBN: 1879052423
This book introduces “demonstration of the Freeze-Frame interventions for managing stress on the psychological and biological level.” According to the book review of an online bookstore Amazon, “Freeze-Frame” is a unique stress reduction technique that is unusually effective for reducing anxiety and improving performance. Unlike many other services and products that make similar claims, it has a solid scientific basis, and has been thoroughly tested in the workplace and other settings that have clearly demonstrated these benefits.”

Stress Management for Dummies (?For Dummies)
Author: Allen Elkin
Publisher: IDG Books Worldwide
ISBN: 0764551442
This book is one of “For Dummies” series. The book description provided by the publisher mentions as follows:
“Does work tie your stomach in knots? Do you sometimes have trouble sleeping at night? This friendly guide can help. Packed with quick, easy tips and exercises from breathing and posture to imagery and meditation it gives you all the tools you need to reduce your stress level immediately. Discover how to: Determine your stress level, Relieve tension at work and at home, Deal with difficult people, Combat stress with diet and exercise, Tame your anger and worry.”

The 14-Day Stress Cure: A New Approach for Dealing With Stress That Can Change Your Life
Author: Mort Orman
Publisher: TRO Productions, Inc.
ISBN: 0942540069
“This award-winning book is NOT about exercising your stress away, relaxing, or otherwise managing the symptoms of stress. It is about a new way of understanding human stress and a new method for coping that is much more natural, effective, and empowering than stress management. Learn how to deal with anger, frustration, worry, relationships, job stress, public speaking fear, the stress of raising children, etc.”

The Book of Stress Survival : Identifying and Reducing the Stress in Your Life
Author: Alix Kirsta
Publisher: Fireside
ISBN: 0671630261
According to “Editorial Reviews”, “An examination of the causes and effects of stress, showing how to identify and reduce unnecessary and unwanted stress. Provides complete programs for relaxation and “stress-proofing” lifestyles.” Color illustrations and photographs are included.

The Stress of Life
Author: Hans Selye
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0070562121
This book,published in 1978, is about general information on what is stress based on the research findings of Dr. Hans Selye.

Can Stress Heal?
Author: Kenneth H., Md. Cooper, Jake Thoene
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 0785283153
Stress is an inevitable part of daily life. “Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, an international leader in preventative medicine, has developed a groundbreaking new approach that allows you to use stress to your advantage,” and introduces ways to develop a resilience to stress and turn that stress to benefit in this book.


More books

You can find more books on stress and/or stress management at your local publich libraries. The following Library of Congress subject headings may be helpful in locating related books.

Library Congress Subject Heading (LCSH)

  • Stress (Psychology)
  • Stress (Physiology)
  • Stress management


Internet Resources: Web Sites

Web sites listed here are found by searching with “stress” and “stress management” in various search engines.
Here are the URLs of some search engines you may try:

WebMD Stress Management
( http://www.webmd.com/balance/Stress-Management/default.htm)
“Stress is a normal part of life, but it can be harmful. Find in-depth information on stress relief and stress management.”

HealthCentral.com – Stress Health Center
Go to “reduce stress” in the Topic Centers of
HealthCentral.com, which will lead you to this page. This page provides rich information on form how to assess stress to how to reduce it.

This whole site is devoted to provide medical information.
There is a directory that offers information on stress as follows:
In-Depth Reports > Stress > Highlights

Also you can go to Drkoop Health Encyclopedia, which is organized in alphabetical index. You can track down stress accordingly to see five related entries as follows:
Stress gastritis
Stress in Childhood
Stress Incontinence
Stress Management
Stress vs. anxiety

Your infertility Home on the Net
This page is primarily for women to manage stress that might result in infertility. It provides “A Woman’s Guide to Stress, Coping Strategies, Grieving &PMS” such as “what is stress”, “Coping Strategies” as well as links to other useful web sites such as “Hygeia“, “PsychWeb“, “Psych Central“.

This page has an article on some new stress management techniques both for mothers and their children. The author of this page mentioned in introduction as follows:
“If you care for children for a living, you have chosen one of the most stressful careers. It is, therefore, important for you to understand where stress comes from, how to minimize it for yourself and the children in your care, and how to manage the stresses that will inevitably arise.”

An Introduction to Stress Management
This page provides brief information on stress management with a couple of quick tips to reduce stress.

Fundamentals of Stress Management
This page which is built and maintained by Dr. Wesley E. Sime, a health psychologist and a peak performance specialist, provides brief information on stress such as “Ten Benefits of Stress Management, Six Important Signs of Stress, Three Stages of Stress Management, Ten Stress Coping Guidelines: Techniques for Real Life Stress.”

Stress Management: A Review of Principles
This page presents the core concepts of stress management education. It is originally developed from the efforts of Kathy Hellweg and Wesley E. Sime of Department of Health and Human Performance, University of Nebraska Lincoln. It has been used as the Body of Knowledge for Certification in Stress Management Education. This page contains “Conceptual Understanding of Stressors and Stress Responses, The Psychophysiology of Stress and Relaxation, and more.”


Internet Resources: Gateway Sites


Internet Resources: Directories

Yahoo! category (http://dir.yahoo.com)

Google Web Directory (http://directory.google.com/)



The American Institute of Stress (AIS)

“The American Institute of Stress is a non profit organization founded in 1978, to serve as a clearing house for information on all stress related subjects. The Board of Trustees includes physicians and health professionals with expertise in various stress related subjects, including the role of stress in cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and skin disease, immune system disturbances that contribute to rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, and a host of viral linked disorders ranging from herpes and the common cold, to cancer and AIDS.”

Official Web site:http://www.stress.org/
Address: 124 Park Ave., Yonkers, NY 10703
Phone: (914) 963-1200
Fax: (914) 965-6267
E-mail: stress124@earthlink.net

International Stress Management Association (ISMA)

“The International Stress Management Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to making for a less stressful world. ISMA has branches in twelve countries: Australia, France, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, The Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.”

Official Web site: http://www.isma.org.uk/
E-mail: ISMAusaBJM@aol

Stress and Anxiety Research Society (STAR)

“The Stress and Anxiety Research Society (STAR) is a multidisciplinary, international organization of researchers who share an interest in problems of stress, coping, and anxiety.”

Official Web Site:http://star-society.org/
E-mail: mueller@ucalgary.ca


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