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About the Poison Prevention Website

Who created this?

This site was a collaborative effort of several groups at the University of Michigan. It is primarily a project of the U-M chapter of the American Pharmaceutical Association Academy of Students of Pharmacy, as part of their community service. Other groups and their roles are detailed below.

APhA Academy of Students of Pharmacy (U-M Chapter)

Pharmacy students generated the original idea for the site as an extension of their annual Poison Prevention Week demonstrations in local elementary schools. In order to extend pharmaceutical care practice to a larger audience, ASP members provided the content for the site, as well as the evaluation.

College of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan

Faculty advisors and administrators supported the Pharmacy students in this project, and will be helping to maintain the accuracy of the content over time.

Information Technology Division at the University of Michigan

Staff at the Office of Instructional Technology organized funding and resources, and provided technical assistance, graphic design, web page devlopement, and deployment for this project.

School of Education Class 626 at the University of Michigan

Education graduate students researched, specified, and created the initial design for web pages you are looking at right now. Their work was invaluable in making sure this project was useful for its target audience, and they truly did the lion’s share of the work.

Academic Outreach Program at the University of Michigan

AOP provided the funding and sponsorship necessary to create this web site.

The Internet Public Library at the School of Information

The IPL agreed to host and maintain the Poison Prevention web site on their servers, as well as promote it to the educational community. Their technical and design assistance played a major role in the way the site design evolved over time.

Design guidelines

In an effort to reach as broad an audience as possible, we have tried to avoid browser specific features. No frames or client-side image mapping are required, nor is Java or Javascript. We don’t require any plugins in order to access any of the content on these pages. The most advanced HTML we use requires simple tables.

We have tested this site design with Netscape Navigator (final versions 2 and 3) and Internet Explorer (final versions 2 and 3) for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Other browsers were not tested, so if you encounter any problems while viewing this site, please let us know.