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Why Poison Prevention on the Web?

4.7 million people are exposed to poisons each year, and 2 million are children under 7. The need for educating children about poison prevention is critical. This site aims to help address that need by helping children aged 4-7 learn about poisons in the company of a grownup at home or at school.

There is quite a bit of factual information on poison prevention available on the World Wide Web, but almost none of it is targeted at young children. The For Kids part of this site is designed for just that audience. We hope that parents, teachers, and librarians will be able to take advantage of the way this information is presented on these pages to talk to small children about poisons and poison safety.

In the For Kids part you will find information about what poisons are, who can be poisoned, how poisoning happens, and where poisons can be found. In addition there are a number of fun things to do: games, coloring books, etc.

In addition to the For Kids part, this site also contains a collection of information for parents and other adults on the basics of poison prevention and treatment. All this information is presented in an easy to print format. This information should not replace the advice of a physician or other health care professional. If you haven’t done so already, please read our disclaimer.

This is a new site, and we rely on your feedback to continually improve it. If you find problems with the content, images, design, or performance, please let us know.