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There IS life beyond Harry Potter. (Maybe)

ipl Link For Teens: Reading and Writing

Favorite Teenage Angstbooks :: reviews teen books on sex & love, fitting in, pressure & more

ALA’s Best Books for Young Adults :: ALA’s annual best books list :: reviews of teen books and interviews with the authors

Entertainment & Leisure

It’s all about the pursuit of happiness… & celebrity gossip.

ipl Link For Teens: Entertainment & Leisure


Afraid to ask but really, really, really wanna know?

Try the Frequently Asked Embarassing Questions page.


Fritter your time away with games, tricks, puzzles, and other activities.

ipl Links For Teens: Games, Puzzles & Word Games, Video Games

Card Tricks

Millions of Games

Neopets :: free and guaranteed to only smell as bad as your computer

Soduko :: the numerical version of the crossword puzzle

IGN’s Top 100 Games :: best video games list that includes arcade and PC games


Because even the ancient Egyptians loved their makeup

ipl Link For Teens: Fashion

Graphic Novels

Comics, comix, manga, anime, and more.

ipl Link For Teens: Graphic Novels


Laughter is good for you. Especially when it’s laughing about your hobbit name.

The Hobbit Name Generator :: will make you wonder how Sam got his name

The Onion :: the best fake news on the internet

Googlism :: What does Google think about you, your friends, or whatever?


Inquiring minds will want to read the latest issues.

ipl Link For Teens: Zines


Soccer? Football? Fútbol? Whatever you play, we’ve got you covered.

ipl Link For Teens: Sports


Forget the Alamo. How many degrees apart are Kevin Bacon and Kevin Costner???

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon :: a.k.a., The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia – movies and video games in production :: the oldest & largest trivia site on the net

Movie Trivia from Internet FAQ Archives :: incredible tidbits, in-jokes, and cameos about and in movies and TV

Urban Legends

Do people wake up without kidneys? Do cell phones cause gas station explosions? Find out! :: Can schoolgirls in Japan purchase panties out of vending machines there? Find out!

Discovery Channel’s MythBusters :: Will a penny dropped from the Empire State Building kill someone? Find out! :: Before forwarding that forward, find out if it is true here.

Truth Or Fiction :: "email reality check"

The Straight Dope :: How are dances written down? Did dinos have brains in their butts? Cecil Adams snidely answers all.


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