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Source: United States Postal Service – Abbreviations
Source: Resident Population Data – 2010 Census
GovernorDan Malloy (Democrat, to January 2015)
Entered the UnionJanuary 9, 1788
as the 5th state
MottoQui Transtulit Sustinet (He Who Transplanted Still Sustains)
NicknamesThe Constitution State, The Nutmeg State
FlowerMountain Laurel
BirdAmerican Robin
Song“Yankee Doodle”
Professional Sports TeamsConnecticut Sun (Women’s Basketball)
(sports listing policy)
Origin of NameFrom the Native American word “quinnehtukqut,” meaning “beside the long tidal river”
Historical SitesNathan Hale Homestead, U.S. Submarine World War II Veterans Memorial (East), Harriet Beecher Stowe Center
Points of InterestThe Long Island Sound shoreline, the P.T. Barnum Museum, Mark Twain’s home in Hartford, Yale University Vistor Center
Bordering StatesConnecticut borders New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.
FlagConnecticut's flag

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  • Connecticut is home to the oldest U.S. newspaper still being published: The Hartford Courant, established in 1764.
  • The world’s first written constitution, the Fundamental Orders, was created in 1639 by English settlements that united to form the Connecticut Colony. That’s why Connecticut is often referred to as the Constitution State!
  • Connecticut natives were very patriotic during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). About half of George Washington’s troops in New York in 1776 were from Connecticut!

Some Famous People from this State

  • Benedict Arnold, American Revolutionary general
  • P.T. Barnum, showperson and co-founder of Barnum and Bailey’s Circus
  • Dorothy Hamill, Olympic gold medalist and now professional ice skater with the Ice Capades
  • Katherine Hepburn, actress
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of many novels, including the anti-slavery Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • Noah Webster, creater of Webster’s Dictionary