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Abbreviation MD
Source: United States Postal Service – Abbreviations
Capital Annapolis
Population 5,773,552
Source: Resident Population Data – 2010 Census
Governor Martin O’Malley (Democrat, to January 2015)
Entered the Union April 28, 1788
as the 7th state
Motto Fatti maschii, parole femine (Manly deeds, womanly words)
Nickname The Free State, The Old Line State
Flower Black-eyed susan
Bird Baltimore Oriole
Song Maryland! My Maryland!
Professional Sports Teams Baltimore Ravens (Football); Baltimore Orioles (Baseball). Note: The Washington Redskins football team’s home stadium is in Landover, Maryland.
(sports listing policy)
Origin of Name In honor of Henrietta Maria (Queen of Charles I of England)
Historical Sites Fort McHenry National Monument, Harpers Ferry and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Parks, Antietam National Battlefield
Points of Interest National Aquarium, US Naval Academy, Goddard Space Flight Center
Bordering States Maryland borders Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.
Flag Maryland's flag

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  • The state boat of Maryland is the Skipjack, state tree is the White oak, state crustacean is the Maryland Blue Crab, state dog is the Ch esapeake Bay retriever, state insect is the Baltimore checkerspot butterfly, and the state sport is Jousting.
  • Maryland was inhabited by Indians as early as ca. 10,000 B.C. Permanent Indian villages were established by ca. 1000 A.D.
  • Captain John Smith explored Chesapeake Bay in 1608.
  • Frederick Douglass (1817 – 1895), abolitionist leader who was born a slave in Maryland.
  • Johns Hopkins (1795 – 1873), merchant, banker, and philanthropist, who founded the hospital and university that bear his name.
  • Thurgood Marshall (1908 – ), first African-American justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Edgar Allan Poe (1809 – 1849), author, poet, short-story writer.
  • Upton Beall Sinclair (1878 – 1968), writer, social critic, author of the novel The Jungle, whose revelations led to reforms in the meat-packing industry.
  • Harriet Tubman (1821 – 1913), born a slave in Maryland, but gained freedom and became organizer of the Underground Railroad.