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Abbreviation OR
Source: United States Postal Service – Abbreviations
Capital Salem
Population 3,831,074
Source: Resident Population Data – 2010 Census
Governor John Kitzhaber (Democrat, to January 2015)
Entered the Union February 14, 1859
as the 33rd state
Motto Alis volat Propriis ( She flies with her own wings)
Nickname The Beaver State
Flower Oregon grape
Bird Western meadowlark
Song Oregon, My Oregon
Professional Sports Teams Portland Trail Blazers (Men’s Basketball); Portland Timbers (Soccer)
(sports listing policy)
Origin of Name Unknown. However, it is generally accepted that the name, first used by Jonathan Carver in 1778, was taken from the writings of Maj. Robert Rogers, an English army officer
Historical Sites The Oregon Trail
Points of Interest Crater Lake National Park, Mount Hood, and Bonneville Dam on the Columbia
Bordering States Oregon borders Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and the Pacific Ocean.
Flag Oregon's flag

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  • In agriculture, the state leads in growing peppermint, cover seed crops, blackberries, boysenberries, loganberries, black raspberries, and hazelnuts.
  • Oregon has the only nickel smelter in the United States.
  • Two mammals are unique to Oregon – the Camas pocket gopher and the Ashland shrew.
  • Columbia River, which forms 3/4ths of the northern boundary of the state, was first explored by an American, Robert Gray, in 1792.

Some Famous People from this State

  • Doc Severinsen (1927- ), band leader and jazz trumpet player. He was the band leader for the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson hosted it.
  • Abigail Scott Duniway (1834-1915), journalist and woman-suffrage leader. (v. 21)
  • Matt Groening (1954- ), cartoonist. He is the creator of the animated show, The Simpsons.
  • Ursula LeGuin (1929- ), author. She has written science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories, including The Wizard of Earthsea trilogy and The Left Hand of Darkness.
  • Lindsay Wagner, actress. She starred in the TV series, The Bionic Woman.