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South Dakota

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Abbreviation SD
Source: United States Postal Service – Abbreviations
Capital Pierre
Population 814,180
Source: Resident Population Data – 2010 Census
Governor Dennis Daugaard (Republican, to January 2015)
Entered the Union Nov. 2, 1889
as the 40th state
Motto Under God the people rule
Nickname The Mount Rushmore State, The Coyote State
Flower American pasqueflower
Bird Ring-necked pheasant
Song Hail! South Dakota
Professional Sports Teams No NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, MLS, or NHL teams.
(sports listing policy)
Origin of Name From the Sioux tribe, meaning allies
Historical Sites Mt. Rushmore is famous for its likenesses of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt
Points of Interest The World’s Only Corn Palace in Mitchell; The city of Deadwood where Wild Bill Hickok was killed in 1876 and where gambling was recently legalized to recapture the city’s Old West flavor
Bordering States South Dakota borders North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana.
Flag South Dakota's flag

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  • The Black Hills are the highest mountains east of the Rockies.
  • A memorial to Crazy Horse is being carved in granite near Custer.
  • The Badlands of SD, a region of barren ravines and cliffs, were created by volcanic action as well as by wind and water erosion.
  • The Spirit Mound near Vermillion served as a vantage point for Lewis and Clark as they viewed the Prairie Plains.
  • The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs has 100 Columbian and Woolly Mammoth fossils buried there.
  • Some of the logs in Petrified Wood Park in Lemmon weigh more than 10,000 pounds. Others contain the fossilized remains of snakes and early marine life.
  • Sitting Bull’s grave sits on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River near Mobridge. It wasn’t always there. In 1953 under the cover of darkness, a group of South Dakotans snuck into ND, exhumed his bones (with his relatives’ permission) and reburied them in their rightful home.

Some Famous People from this State

  • Sitting Bull (1834?-1890), Chief of Hunkpappa Sioux. He defended Black HIlls, led the Teton Sioux to Canada, and was killed during arrest.
  • Tom Brokaw (1940- ), TV newscaster. He is the anchor of “NBC Nightly News”.
  • Crazy Horse (1840?-1877), Oglala chief. He led the Teton Sioux in defense of Black HIlls and died resisting arrest.
  • Gertrude Bonnin (Zitkala-Sa), Sioux writer and pan-Indian activist.
  • Cheryl Ladd (1951- ), actress. She was famous for her role in the TV series, Charlie’s Angels.