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Before 2007, Stately Knowledge’s ongoing maintenance was a group effort over time by the following University of Michigan School of Information Students:

  • Charles Berg
  • Sara Brodkin
  • Maureen Campbell
  • Hillary Corbett
  • Sonja Daniels
  • James Duncan
  • Deborah Dunk
  • Rachel Erlich
  • Bernadette Milan
  • James Morris-Knower
  • Lucy Schiller

Stately Knowledge’s maintenance in 2007 was thanks in part to the following IPL students & staff:

  • Michael Galloway
  • Kristin Motz

Stately Knowledge’s July 2007 site redesign (submitted November 2006) was done by:

  • Cathie Toshach

Library and information science students and professionals continue to update and maintain Stately Knowledge under the supervision of paid ipl staff. Paid ipl staff also update and maintain this collection.