• How Did Geography Impact The Development Of Irrigation In Yuma County

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Irrigation was a huge impact in yuma it even changed some living lifestyles and was good for the city because it brought so many profits into yuma and helped yuma grow in many ways. Irrigation is the replacement or supplementation of rainwater with another source of water Irrigation was even used way back but that doesn't matter because what matter is the irrigation in Yuma county and the history of it.
How did geography impact the development of irrigation in Yuma County
It impacted the development by basically forcing people to find new ways to bring water into Yuma. Like the siphon that brought water from California to Arizona. Which pushed water deep underground and would enter canals in Arizona. “In August 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt turned the abandoned Fort Yuma Military Reservation, in Arizona, over to the newly formed Reclamation Service for development of irrigation projects.”It was to create canals it …show more content…

Since the water in the Gila river rise and usually flood Yuma it could be used as a good irrigation instead of it ”rising and flow over the lower Reservation levee causing 800 feet in breaks”. Also since the colorado river was close to the city “the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation channeled the Colorado’s waters through a network of canals to previously arid land, transforming it into fertile cropland, and at the same time, it built a network of dams to generate hydroelectric power and provide flood control.”Because of the two close rivers and previous flooding helped flattened the land in Yuma. Now the canals provided controlled flooding into crop lands. The other dams like the Laguna dam created hydroelectric power to help

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