08-09 High School: A Short Story

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I was so tired I could barely dress myself. It was a warm day, with a slight breeze as if the cool wind was dancing on my skin. The month was August. The weather was transforming from the hot humid summer to the calm relaxing wind as the leaves changes colors as seconds flew by. This meant fall was approaching. The 08-09 school year was right around the corner and I was going to be in the fifth grade. Yes, fifth grade. Also known as the “oldest-kids-in-the-school,” which was the coolest title ever. I was always known as the timid, introverted girl who never once looked up to speak and who could never peer up just to speak to someone. It was a Sunday which meant Church in the Asefa household. I hated going to church, ask me why? Simple answer: I had no friends.
“BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!” My alarm clock was shouting at me and it was only seven in the morning. The sunlight from outside was beaming through the shades and onto my white comforter that allowed my body to feel so cozy in my bed, which made it that much harder to wake up and get dressed. “If you don 't get up within the next five minutes, I 'm leaving you home!” my mother exclaimed. I could never miss church according to my parents.The problem was I
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Years and years later here we are; best friends. Never did I think in a million years waking up on that warm August day, with the cool wind putting my heart at ease(feel) and listening to my mom would get me here. Sometimes I sit back and think what if I never went that day, would we still be friends? It takes a great deal to be my friend let alone “best friend,” but that 's what she is to me. Someone who understands me, listens to me, helps me and always stands by me. Ever since, going to church was no problem for me, yes it required waking up early on a Sunday morning, but anything was fine for me as long as I got to see Rebekah. Every now and then I get flashbacks to that very moment and can remember almost every single detail. That 's how I knew this
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