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Extremely loud and incredibly close has a big historical background. The book contains three historical instances of catastrophic viciousness.

The attacks of 09/11 has a central place in the story. All the characters in the book were moved by the death of Thomas Schell in the World Trade Center moves every character. It delivers Oskar’s big conflict when he tries to absorb all his troubles.
It was the 11th of September 2001. The terrorist group of al-Qaeda organised four attacks on building in New York.
19 terrorists took control of four flights. These four flights include the attacks: American Airlines Flight 11; United Airlines Flight 93; American Airlines Flight 77 and United Airlines Flight 175.
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In the novel, it is only mentioned in Oskar’s school presentation.
The Europe side of World War II ended in April 1945. But the Japanese continued to fight and refused to surrender. President Truman ordered an atomic bomb to be throw down on Japan. He wanted to make sure the war would and to ensure the power of the U.S.
Hiroshima, was an important center for wartime goods. The first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, called as the “Little Boy’’, destroyed 70 percent of the city’s buildings and killed thousands of people. In the days after the first bomb, thousands more people died of burns.
Three days later, another bomb was throw down on Nagasaki, Japan. It worked, Japan surrendered. A big benefit for Truman. Oskar does not mention this second bomb in his school presentation.
In the novel, Oskar plays an interview of Tomoyasu. In a testimony, she tells her story of the horrible day and the death of her daughter. The official text of the testimony of Tomoyasu isn’t similar to the text written in Extremely Loud and Incredible Close. For example: in the novel, the daughter of Tomoyasu is called Masako. Her name was Yatchan. The tone of her finals words isn’t the same either, from a personal protest against the war into a public statement to end war. the surroundings of Yatchan’s death, like a peeling skin and general location, remain the

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