1.003 Preventive Control

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1.001 Microbiological; define the inherent micro. risks to the ingredients, process, manufacturing environment, and finished product over the intended shelf life 1.002 Food Allergens; define the food allergen risks for the product, process, and the ingredients 1.003 Preventive Controls (HACCP); confirm the requirements to produce the product in a safe manner with Mars Global HACCP Standard, Codex Alimentarius and FSMA criteria 1.004 "Metal Detection; confirm that metal detection systems (and other foreign material controls) are applied to comply to Company Standards and recall prevention " 1.005 "GMP 's & Food Defense; confirm what will be required to produce the product in compliance to the regulations " FSMA and Product Design / Specifications…show more content…
2.004 The procedures include: chemicals used and concentrations, time, temperature, frequency, etc. The cleaning procedures address utensil and tool cleaning as well as processing equipment. 2.005 Cleaning chemicals are appropriate for the intended use (equipment cleaning vs. facility cleaning). 2.006 CIP systems properly documented for bulk systems or processing lines. Sanitation Activities: 2.007 "The SSOP criteria (as outlined in the cleaning procedures) are being followed. " 2.008 Clean-up records are signed and dated with verification signature of supervisor or team leader. Cleaning Utensils: 2.009 Cleaned equipment, service containers, utensils, disassembled equipment and piping are stored and handled in a sanitary manner. 2.010 "Cleaning utensils and tools are of proper design, properly identified for its intended use, maintained clean, and located in designated storage areas (color coded etc.). Observation: The Milk Room needs a separate vacuum cleaner to prevent cross contamination as the current practice moves the vacuum between the Milk Room and Chocolate. The floor scrubbers are not currently sampled for bacteria in the tank, brushes and wheels. They move all through defined areas but were observed to be dirty. " Verification of

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