What Factors Affect Effective Communication

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1.1 Effective communication involves the use of verbal and non-verbal actions in order to portray a message as well as emotions and intentions. It involves expressing yourself, but also listening to the words spoken by the reciprocating party and allows you to form an empathetic bond with other people (Robinson, J.Segal, and M. Smith). There are various factors that can influence how well effective communication is performed.

The American Psychology Association defines personality as, “...individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. “ Personality is a factor that can positively or negatively affect effective communication. There are 5 major personality categories: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion,
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By acknowledging the consequences (positive or negative) of your decisions, you allow for a level of trust to be formed with other people before they even get to intimately know you. This allows people to divulge sensitive information to you easier and allows the process of effective communication to happen at a much faster rate. A lack of responsibility shows a low self-esteem and low motivation and goal setting (R.Sasson); unsavoury characteristics that would make people avoid revealing more information about them. It is important to accept responsibility as it shows growth which can lead a person into a position of power where they need to delegate responsibility to other people. In order to delegate efficiently, communication is vital, it is important to understand other people’s capabilities to allocate the right amount responsibility to them; this is where effective communication can successfully allow for growth and it is all due to people accepting responsibility from other people that they feel inclined to help due to the bonds formed between
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