Task 1. Explain How A Capacitor Is Constructed?

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Task 1 Explain how a capacitor is constructed? You can imagine a capacitor being a sandwich, two metal plate (electric) that sandwich the dielectric acting as an insulator keeping the two metal plates from touching each other. The dielectric can be made from many different materials like silicon, silicon nitride, aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide to name a few, they all have different values and properties. Which is used depends on the purpose of the capacitor and type of capacitor. The electric surface area of the metal plates that determine the capacitors capacitance. Describe, with the aid of suitable diagrams (internet pictures can only be used if referenced, unreferenced pictures will not be accepted), the main components of electrolytic,…show more content…
Paper There are two types of paper capacitor metallized paper capacitor that is made from aluminium layer that is the electrode with a paper film layer as the as the dielectric that are rolled together into a cylinder as show below: And the other type being paper sheet capacitor that is made in a different way by layering layers of aluminium for the electrode and paper as dielectric layer shown below: These kinds of capacitors are often use in high power voltage and current circuits Ceramic Ceramic capacitor looks and are made differently as shown below: They are called ceramic as shown above the dielectric is made from ceramic that sperate the two layers of silver electrode. These are widely used as multipurpose capacitor due to their cheap cost for example high voltage laser power supplies, power circuit breakers and induction

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