1.1 Explain How Effective Communication Is Important In Developing Positive Relationships With Children

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In order to contribute a positive relationship it is essential to demonstrate and model an effective communication skill when dealing with children which means that considering both how the practitioner approach other people and responding the children. It is effectively more likely to communicate information to one another if having a positive relationship. Effective communication plays an important role in developing positive relation with children, young people and adults. It is also essential that the practitioner is interested in development of the children by using effective communication skills, building a positive relationship, approaching and responding in appositive manner, making feel comfortable or supporting which it’s required. …show more content…

For example, making a promise with the children of first go on an activity tomorrow will be remembered. When not keeping promises which means that a child or young person or adult may not trust again and does not make for a good relationship. Keeping confidentiality as appropriate :- Confidentiality is also essential about trust and respect for building the positive relationship among the children and young people. Being consistent and fair :-Is it fair? Or it is not? It is important that the actions a practitioner does is seen as fair and making the children understand why something which seems unfair is in fact fair is a vital part of the child’s development. Example, In my class, we ensure that the children are aware of the golden rules and the rewards available, ranging from stickers to golden stars awarded by the teacher. We are also clear about what happens if the rules are broken which range from moving them down from the reward and if more serious consequences like sending them to the teachers. To be fair the practitioner needs to listen to what the child has to say before jumping into the conclusions or allotting the

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