1.1 Explain How To Prepare A Child For Transition

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t is very important for the practitioner to prepare the child for any transition. With a child that is moving school they need to be sensitive to the child’s concerns and should try to answer all the child’s questions honestly. There are many ways that the practitioner can prepare the child for a transition, for example they can: arrange visits to the new setting use ‘circle time’ to address issues and concerns empathize with the children, try to see things from a child’s point of view to ensure that all information is passed on to the child’s ‘new’ teacher to create effective links with other practitioners, in case follow up support is needed.

With starting and moving through day care it is important that the child is involved and is introduced
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Many factors could be the reason why a child is living out of the home such as:
A breakdown of a marriage, in and out of social housing and a child being taken into care. Sensitive subjects like this usually affect the child’s behaviour and it’s important to make the child happy and make the setting a safe haven where there is a secure routine. The child’s routine is disrupted during this time so its important to the child that everything stays normal in a setting where the child knows well.

When divorce or separation occurs children will experience a wide range of emotions. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which changes in behaviour are normal and which are related to their parents splitting up. Although children may talk to you about their feelings it is also helpful to pay attention to their actions and behaviour. When children are having difficulty accepting the reality of divorce or separation they may choose not to tell others such as friends, teachers, other family members. The aim when dealing with the child is to ask questions and reassure the child that the situation will get better. It is also important for the child to keep into routine for its own
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