Transition To A Child Essay

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t is very important for the practitioner to prepare the child for any transition. With a child that is moving school they need to be sensitive to the child’s concerns and should try to answer all the child’s questions honestly. There are many ways that the practitioner can prepare the child for a transition, for example they can: arrange visits to the new setting use ‘circle time’ to address issues and concerns empathize with the children, try to see things from a child’s point of view to ensure that all information is passed on to the child’s ‘new’ teacher to create effective links with other practitioners, in case follow up support is needed.

With starting and moving through day care it is important that the child is involved and is introduced to the setting and the people that work there. With the transitioning period it is important the child has a transition morning sometimes with the parent present, to get use to the setting, introduce themselves to other children and get a general feel of the place. It is important that the child feels welcomed and comfortable while at the setting. This is the same for a child at a setting where they could be in a baby room and they move up to the older child’s room, It is important that they are introduced to new children and potential new key
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Usually when moving home this includes the child also leaving the setting. This can bring a whole heap of emotions, as it could be moving away from friends, family or a parent. The setting should prepare for any change in the child’s behaviour and help the parents with any support they may need through this change. Talking about the move and getting the child enthused about the move will also lighten the mood. Talking about the child’s new house and what colour they will choose for their room are all questions that should be asked to the child to make it more personal to
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