1.1 Explain The Effects Of A Cultural Barrier In A Nursery

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Effects of a physical barrier can be that the child may be involved in an accident, this would occur as there is a higher chance for risk if the nursery does not suit a wheel chair. An example of this would be if there are allot of stairs in a nursery a child in wheel chair may hurt themselves while trying to get themselves up. Due to the building of the nursery it would become difficult for a disabled child or parent to access the nursery.

This being said there are also methods to prevent this barrier for example a new building with level grounds or a secure area for parents to park pushchairs. Other ways in which a physical barrier can be overcome is by setting more convenient opening and closing times, preventing parent having to go through stress of getting children to the nursery and getting themselves to work. In addition to this a nursery could install flat ground for wheel chairs to roll over instead of risking an injury and taking the wheel chair up the stairs.

There are also barriers to do with different ethnicities and languages this is called a cultural/language barrier. This barrier is caused when there is a language barrier between the nursery and the child although there can also be
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To add to this, other effects of a cultural barrier is that the child may be unable to attend nursery events for example if there is a school trip being organised and the parents cannot read English they will not be aware of the trip and the child will miss out on a opportunity to learn. Problems can be created due to this barrier as the child may not be dealt with and in this case the child would miss out on their learning and will not archive, they may also find it much harder to settle in to the
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