1.1 Explain The Importance Of A Nursery Report

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Many factors, during a child’s time at nursery will significantly affect their health and well-being.

Firstly the EYPs must create a welcoming environment for the children so that they are able to feel relaxed and safe. They should: appeal to the vast majority of children by accepting and welcoming diversity; always be friendly, welcoming and professional; never make presumptions; and give children familiar resources that make them feel calm and don’t encourage stereotypes. If they do this then the children are more likely to be more positive and confident within the setting. However, if children don’t feel safe in the nursery then they will lack confidence. Likewise, if the nursery doesn’t welcome diversity then families may feel excluded and less willing to chat about their child’s development, which may consequently hinder their development.

Furthermore, early years practitioners should aim to have a secure partnership with the parents so that there is a connection between nursery and home life, which will consequently benefit the child. Nurseries can promote parent participation through: noticeboards, regular conversations, websites, frequent newsletters and meetings. If there is a good partnership then the child’s learning and development will be
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They can do this through: setting a good example; being positive; building up children’s confidence by focussing on the things that they’re good at, setting them achievable goals and targets; helping children to learn through their own experiences; reflective listening and giving the children confidence and positivity through love and affection. If a child is not confident they may find it hard to interact with other children, have a negative outlook on life, be less motivated and have behavioural problems. Overall, if a child lacks confidence, self-esteem and resilience their health and well-being will be hindered.
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