1.1 Explain The Importance Of Inclusive Practice

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Inclusive: Ensuring every child or young person has access to learning all areas of the curriculum, identifying areas that a child maybe struggling and adapting provision for this. Nothing should stop a child from learning and developing both emotionally and physically, setting a positive example and modelling good attitudes are all part of inclusive practise. Every child has the right to learn regardless of ability tasks should be set to allow for all learners to understand and to achieve the outcome in a positive way. Making observations helps to reflect on own practise to ensure that the needs of the children are being met and were adaption is needed, making sure this is done.
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If a child or young person has any form or dyslexia or retention difficulties this can impact them in all areas, and interventions are key for these children. If a child lacks in confidence, this will produce a natural barrier to their learning as they will be reluctant to participate in activities / tasks. A child or young person with special educational needs will need extra support to ensure that any barriers they encounter during the course of learning are identified quickly and lessons and resources adapted to accommodate. Children or young people who find social interaction difficult will at times struggle with tasks that involve group interaction, to try and overcome this, small groups of other children that have been identified as favourable to the child can participate in the activity
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