1.1 Explain The Importance Of Independence Of Children In A Childcare Setting

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There are some restrictions of children developing independence, one is if they are unprotected, and don't receive support and love from their family, another restriction is if they are pressured into meeting milestones for their age too early. Toddlers that are healthy will start to develop skills ,the skills will help them to become less dependent on their parents. They may try to dress and also feed themselves, and want to explore new things. Children are shown how to do tasks at home such as water the plants, and taught how to set the table up, this will help them to take responsibility and help out with other household jobs, if their parents show them and they learn from them. Children may also develop their independence at nursery, as they are older they will be able to go to the toilet themselves, and do things for themselves such as get their coat on. It becomes clear to practitioners that if children are already self sufficient , they are likely to adapt into a setting or a …show more content…

It should be shown in a variety of different ways to children, they should have a role model and be shown how they can keep healthy, this is including at home as well as In the setting. Parents and carers should work together to make sure children see examples of how to stay active and healthy. In the setting all the food that children are provided should be healthy, and if children do bring their own food such as if they have a packed lunch, it should be nutritious and healthy for them. The EYFS framework says 'The practitioner must promote good health of all the children that are attending the setting'. It is really essential that children develop healthy eating habits while they are young, this is because it will help promote their health and make sure they are healthy in the long and short

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