1.1 Explain The Importance Of Psychological Barriers In A Nursery

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equipment may last the nursery just as long as more expensive equipment and resources would. To move on to psychological barriers, they are more related to parents rather than children, this barrier can consist of parent’s phobia of not being able to trust the staff with their child and there for thinking that there child is in danger. A psychological barrier cans latter impact the child as they may also pick up negative feelings towards the nursery causing them to have a lack of enthusiasm when attending nursery, the child may also appear to be clingy and unhappy at the thought of being away from parents in addition to this shyness and a lack of confidence may be more persistent in the child’s behaviour which will lead to the child being more dependent on their carer. Parents will also be affected by psychological barriers as it may result in their behaviour to turn antisocial and in many cases they will often be prone to interfering and phoning up the nursery multiple times just to double check. This barrier is not advantageous as it can interfere with the child’s ability to…show more content…
Geographical barriers are common for people who live far from the nursery; this barrier can also be associated with transport as not all parents will have access to a car or other vehicles all the time. This can lead to different kinds of problems for both the nursery and the parent One of the many effects of a geographical barrier is that it can cause financial problems an example of this would be bus fare everyday may become costly over a long period of time an example of this is if a parent has to catch a bus everyday just so they can get
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