1.1 Explain The Importance Of The EYFS Essay

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The EYFS is a background for all young children from birth right through the end of reception year in all types of early year’s provision. For example, a nursey, childminders and reception class in schools. This is by bringing together the welfare, learning and development needs also the EYFS was planned to raise the standards and to improve more access and positive experiences for all children in the early year’s sector. Hughes and Doherty (2009) explain that the EYFS was intended to promote standards and increase access to confident involvements for all children. It includes children’s safety and welfare desires, learning and development requirements. The EYFS has been applied by taking a place in a big scale, with a growing passion across the diverse early year’s area. The document is a…show more content…
This also focuses attention on the important role of the key person/ key worker in a safeguarding high-quality care and learning experiences for young children. Practitioners have established that the mandatory welfare necessities are important for the early year’s basic safety, security and health. These also require to reassure parents and carers that their children will experience a good level of care in all settings. Each principle of the EYFS has four obligations which show practitioners which are putting the principle into practice, therefore supporting children in meeting the outcomes set out in the government’s programme for children, Every Child Matters which also supports the holistic development (Hughes and Doherty, 2009). However, some parts of the sector must have found it hard to provide the learning and development needs of the EYFS. Given the different nature of the early year’s sector, it was maybe unavoidable that these would be easier for some of the providers which implement for
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