1.1 Explain The Importance Of Transitions In Research

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When a child is going through a difficult time such as a family break up it is important to put the child’s needs first because if you don’t the child may not be able to achieve their full potential. A way to do this is by having a child centred practice and planning around a child, so that the routine fits around the child and their individual needs are planned for. In my placement the practitioners would plan out what they are going to do, while making sure individual needs are taken into consideration. It is important to work closely with other professionals when planning for transitions because they would be able to help provide the appropriate support the child will need, this can be done by working in partnership with professionals that can help with that transition and coming up with a plan or routine to follow to support the child.…show more content…
It can be done by sitting down and asking the child if they are old enough to understand, or for younger children they could show how they feel through play activities. During this kind of transition it is important to involve the child as much as you can because if they have a bit more knowledge and control with what is happening it wouldn’t feel as it was being forced on them. This can be done by asking them what they think, which parent they would prefer to live with and if the child was also moving they could be asked for what their opinion on a new house or school. It is important to work in partnership with parents because they will have the most knowledge on the current situation, so by working with them the practitioners can come up with a plan that can work around the child and benefit them the most. In my placement the practitioners would call in the parent and sit down with them to see how they can support the child while they are in the
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