1.2 Explain How To Monitor And Maintain The Risk Analysis

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Angela Jones 1.1- Describe factors to take into account when planning the areas safely: When planning a safe area for children it is important that factors are considered in order to make it a healthy and safe environment for all children and young people. It is important that all planning is related to the needs of each individual child or young person. Having a safe environment is important because it lowers the risk of any children or young people as well as adults from getting injured. When in a work setting it is important to assess all risks of children’s safety to ensure that they get minimised so no incidents get caused.  Specific needs- It is important that all children and young people who have specific needs such as a physical disability or sensory impairment etc must have full access to all available activities. Each setting should make sure that…show more content…
This means they are responsible for the safety of children, young people and also the staff. There should be a clear ‘lines of responsibility’ for all workers etc to read in order for them to know who they must report to with any important information and to be accountable for. 1.2- Explain how to monitor and maintain the awareness of risks and hazards- It is important that we maintain a safe environment in order to be aware and prevent accidents that may occur depending on the following factors:  The environment- When children attend a setting or a house that may not be for children they are going to come across more hazards than they usually do as child aware places are more aware and take out health and safety precautions. These may be trailing wires, loose rugs, cupboards with no locks, no baby gates etc. These are not thought of being made safely secured as children are not usually within the

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