1.2 Explain How To Support Effective Communication

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1.2 - Explain how to support effective communication with your job role. Effective communication is determined by the inter professional working between the manager and others whom are integrated into the organisation. Managers whom can identify the needs of effective communication can provide direction for the conversation, use resources available to enhance better communication, be able to facilitate change and achieve results in relation to positive outcomes of communication. Positive outcomes can include: • Understanding – different cultures, individual needs • Trust – being able to confide and express concerns • Honesty – being open with factual matters and how effects of work related issues • Better formed relationships – between staff,…show more content…
An example in own job role is; having a good working relationship with a secure unit community mental health team which send in referrals for those needing support in the community, who have been sectioned under the mental health act; understanding their efforts to ensure these individuals receive the support they need and having the resources to accommodate these individuals, attending the necessary reviews and discharge meetings means that the individual can integrate into the community with the support of those who previously provided the support and those who are taking over the support package, everyone remains on the same page in relation to the goals and objectives of the individual, involving them in each step of the transfer to promote a person centred approach; taking on board their thoughts, opinions and feelings. Supporting effective communication also means highlighting areas within the organisation whereby admin and support staff have to write reports, send emails and record information whereby training is provided to support colleagues to understand the database and converse in a professional manner; for example when I am supporting a colleague to write an incident report I explain how and why it should be written in a factual way and not include personal opinion, as it can be a form of evidence if
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