1.2 Explain The Difference Between Equality, Diversity And Inclusion

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In any setting, inclusion is all about allowing people to participate in different activities in the system regardless of their background or even the situation which they are in. • All the people should be included in all activities in order to make them feel involved in all activities. • Inclusion is not just about viewing different people as one but more about giving different people equal opportunities in school and enabling them to access quality education like any other person in an education setting. This is thus, an environment in which everyone is recognized in their efforts. • They should also be accepted and any difference or similarity between the people should be celebrated by all the people in the system. • Thus, inclusion is more about given the involved parties equal opportunities, recognizing them and also accepting any difference they may have. • …show more content…

• These practises are based on the social model of disability in which schools and their heads are expected to always make reasonable judgements which will help in removing all the barriers in their setting and thus make all children be able to get equal opportunities to participate in different

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