1.2 Explain The Importance Of Respecting A Children's Culture

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As Educators respecting a child’s culture is very important to us, firstly it is a way to build a child’s sense of belonging. When culture is valued child will feel more secure and develop sense of belonging to the centre and the community. It’s very essential to gain a child’s trust and show understanding and respect for his/ her cultural background because that is where they come from and it’s not going to change. Secondly including their culture will make a child feel belonged and he/ she can then make more social interactions with other child and respecting their colour, language and cultural background because everyone is not the same. If we educators show that children have a sense of belonging, children will feel more confident and build more safe relationship with everyone. We should also encourage children to keep using their own language so that it’s not lost and learn to speak English at the same time.…show more content…
Children’s culture should be valued at such a level that the children and their families feel welcomed and belonged to the service at all time. For example, sharing a small and quick conversation with parents if they have any cultural or customs celebrations coming up or may be discussing it in a group conservation with children. This is will help children build their confidence and self-esteem for who there are and parents will feel accepted and secure that their children are at the right place. This will help the children to understand their friends and respect their values and culture and to have that understanding of the difference and diversity. In future children will have mutual respect and acceptance for all the different cultures they come
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