1.2 Explain The Importance Of Working In Relation To An Individual's And Human Rights

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It is important that staff recognise that human rights of all individuals involved in the service/s and that everyone be treated with dignity and respect. This rights include the equal access to assistance, confidentiality and acknowledgement of cultural heritage. This is important in relation to ATSI’s, as historically they have suffered at the hands of past government mistakes and may be less reluctant to use the service/s or follow procedure/policies because of their past experiences.

Providing the best education, health and wellbeing throughout the service through such practices:
It is important that all staff and service/s personalise their procedure and/or policies to reflect the families and children attending the service/s.
Remaining ethically and professional safe in daily routines and practices but catering for individual families and children were best possible. …show more content…

Some strategies in relation to ATSI communication and relationships

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