1-2 Kings Analysis

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The book of 1-2 Kings was written to record a history but, if we study it carefully, this history was presented to teach the reader a lesson. Looking at the message and themes that being developed in this book, we can be sure that there is one important thing that the writer wants his reader to understand: learn from Israel’s mistakes. The king’s failures to lead the people of Israel and Judah caused by their disobedience and unfaithfulness to God and His covenant. All this failures can be identified because there were so much things going on that caused Israel and Judah failed to be faithful in obeying the covenant responsibilities. Idolatry and the lack of priorities can be said as the top two reasons on why these kings and nations failed.…show more content…
God has designed our heart uniquely where only God can fit into it and the moment man trade that desire with other things than God, that is when the 40 years of Israel’s journey begins in our…show more content…
For the Israelites, it was hard for them to focus on the One that matters the most because they lacked to se their priorities. Even throughout this book, we can see more than five times where God clearly told them to put Him first by obeying His commands and to be loyal in worshipping Him only. However, each king that ruled over Israel and Judah failed to prioritize Him first because they compromised too much. Looking at this failure, I believe in our world today, as the church of God, this question can become important to be asked: “Are we, as the agents of God, compromised too much on the things that God wants us to be more bold and clear enough?” This problem that these kings struggled with, can become today’s church reflections in pondering how we bring the real message of the Gospel to the world? Are we still proclaiming the same message that Jesus preached two thousand years ago? In other words, our focus should always be the same. The thing that we honored when we first got saved should be the same until

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