1.3 Work File Analysis

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Work File Review: Parenting 1.3

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Using the article Average cost of raising a child hits $245,000 determine answers to the following.

1. Based on your reading the cost of raising a child for a middle income family is 245,000. lower income family is $145,500. higher income family is $455,000.
2. What cost is left out of the average amount? Cost of college 3. Which is the third largest cost according to the USDA? Food Prices

Refer to the How much will it cost to raise your kid? graphic to answer the following

4. Rank the categories of expenses from the most costly to least costly.

Cost of raising a child(higher class to lower class)
Cost of College
Food prices

Site 2

5. Read the suggestions for a healthy lifestyle leading to a baby’s solid growth and development and explain why these suggestions are important for a prospective parent to follow.

These suggestions are important for real growth and development. They are very important for soon to be parents to know. For example, women who gain more than they should during pregnancy will fail to lose this weight within six months after having thier child and have a higher risk of being overweight 10 years later! This also can cause your child to become overweight in the future. Neither of these things is healthy nor good for your body or baby.
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Believing you must win every battle can be considered a roadblock because you will have the wrong idea on how to discipline your child and teach your child it is okay to always be right or lead the child to th9nk everything they do is
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