1.5 Explain How To Overcome Barriers To Learning In Groups

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The purpose of group learning and development is to ensure that all learning styles are catered for and the ultimate goal of sharing knowledge is achieved. When using a group to deliver something new each individual can call on a fellow participant to confirm understanding. 1.2 Explain why delivery of learning and development must reflect group dynamics When delivering to a group it is important to consider, what is the normal behaviour within the group? Who plays what role? there will be many different characters and the trainer must be aware of them so the learning can be adapted. The trainer must be aware of the dynamics in the group and be aware of behaviours so that he/she can make sure all participants are always involved and no one is missed out if there are…show more content…
1.5 Explain how to overcome barriers to learning in groups The trainer must be aware of the variety of learning styles that may be present in the group at any one time, the trainer must ensure that throughout the deliver each learning style is accommodated for such as – Kinaesthetic, visual and auditory. If appropriate the trainer can ask the group to complete the learning styles diagnosis test before delivery starts. A trainer must also be aware of other learning difficulties that a participant may have such as dyslexia, the trainer should, where possible, know about this before the session so that he/she can prepare correctly. Whilst group sessions are very popular and successful, it may be required to do some one-on-one training. The trainer may already be aware if one-to-one training is required and should plan a session in accordance with the learner’s styles. If, however the trainer decides during a group session that a participant would benefit from one on one learning he/she should make the group session as comfortable as possible for the learner then approach the learner and arrange an alternative approach and

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