1. Assess The Benefits Of Playing A Sport

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Athletes spend hours each week training in various sports to improve their skills, but what is the purpose of all their vigorous work? Should an individual join a sports team with the mindset of becoming the winner of a trophy, or the winner of life? Although winning is great, it should not be the only focus of athletics. The benefits one could receive from playing a sport could be the friendships that are made, the life lessons being learned, or even the exercise. Friendships can happen without even planning it. When competing on a team with others, it 's simple to create a bond just from playing on the same side together. Playing the same sport even gives a topic to discuss between teammates, as well as a common interest. Building a friendship with an individual on the same team allows sharpening of skills as well as a source of entertainment. Doing anything with a friend, if that be adventures or work, is much more enjoyable, opposed to doing said thing alone. It is…show more content…
Competing in a sport allows players to learn teamwork and how to work with others in a positive way. Improving social skills as well the manner in which one works with others are valuable lessons that can learned from simply joining a sports team. Team building activities will not only help people when playing sports, but also help them in the future work force. Discipline is another beneficial outcome to playing a sport. If teens and children are forced to respect a coach and his methods on the field, they will learn to respect and intake request from any employers they come across in their lives. Hard work is possibly the most important lesson that can come out of playing a team sport. If youths recognize the importance of hard work, they will give one hundred percent in any tasks they face upon their lifetime. Opposed to quitting, diligence will take many athletes to more prosperous
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