1 Corinthians 13 Summary

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An individual’s behavior reflects their worldview. According to Behavior Modifications written by Raymond Miltenberger, “Human behavior is what people do and say.” (Miltenberger, 2016) Typically, individuals will “do and say” things that correlate to how they interact with the world. In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul writes on the impact when our behavior is centered around producing examples of love. In the first three chapters Paul discusses how love must be the foundation of his audience’s behavior. Paul uses multiple examples of effective ministry techniques that will fail if they are not focused on love. The same model should be reflected in our behavior. If we constantly act out of love then our behavior will represent the same characteristic.
I believe that God wants us to impact our environment with behavior that aggressively demonstrates the love that Christ showed us. One of my favorite literature pieces is “Love Does” by Bob Goff. In this book, Mr. Goff tells stories regarding when he chooses to just act out of love, rather than planning before deciding. Each chapter tells a different story of Mr. Goff’s love that is
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If our behavior is derived from our worldview, then our faith should impact how we think and our behavior when interacting with others. Christian psychologist David Myers, of Hope College, explains how he integrates his Christian worldview into the world of psychology. Myers explains that, “Believing that in everything we deal with God, and feeling called to worship with our minds, we search Gods world, seeking to discern its truths.” (Myers, 1996). Myers goes on to discuss how it is a religious duty that our faith act as our attitude in everything that we do. Miltenberger says, “Because a behavior is an action, its occurrence can be observed.” (Miltenberger, 2016). Society should be able to observe Christ by the way each Christian portrays their behavior through
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