Discuss Your Immediate Reaction To Bill's Case Study

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Unit 3 Assignment

1. Discuss your immediate reaction to Bill 's case study. How do you feel about Bill? What problems do you see other than those produced by the conditions reported that might impact his ability to function?

After reading Bill 's case study, my immediate reaction on how much Bill suffered with physical pain and mental challenge did not make me feel bad for Bill instead I feel that we can assist him with the services he may need in order to improve his quality of life at home and at work. The problem I saw in the beginning of the case report is his current job as a bartender at a local pub; because of his physical limitations and an inability to concentrate in order to support detailed work can lead to mistakes on the job. To work as a bartender, it requires to have social skills with customers/co-workers; however, Bill 's anxiety interferes with his ability to work with people. I can see an issue of a strong link between overweight and depression; a common mood disorder that can have a huge negative impact on his daily life. Being overweight is a serious health issues that can lead to heart disease and diabetes (type 2 Diabetes Mellitus). Due to his depression and physical limitations, he is not able to try any jobs he wants and is not able to do yard
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A recommendation of a mattress with some softness for cushion and support of the shoulders and hips in order to sleep better at nights. A recommendation of the gravity blanket to naturally reduce stress/anxiety and increase relaxation for good sleep. Bill will be able to improve his ability to function at work after providing environmental supports at home. Bill could benefit from a complete psychiatric evaluation with understanding the diagnoses and a complete session of nutrition management

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