1. Explain At Least 2 Purposes Of Performance Management And Its Relationship To Business Objectives

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1. Explain at least 2 purposes of performance management and its relationship to business objectives:
The performance management aims to create a culture which encourages the continued improvement and development of the organization and of the individual behavior, skills and contribution. Performance management process is an important component of the overall working approach. In terms of the basic delivery of outputs, as well as to enable one employee to be expected fully to know performance within the scope of the performance management system, the aim of performance management to achieve to following: to enable the individual to understand what exactly to achieve in terms of output and relevant, and in appropriate behavior style, which an individual employees objectives to agreed delivered to simplify and to meet personal development which needs to facilitate the delivery of the agreed objective. It enables the
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Identify 3 components of performance management system:
A) Performance Planning:
It’s the first component of any performance management, is the process to link the individual performance to the team and to the organisation objective. This should be clearly cascaded which shows the objective at all levels from start from down individual employee up to the organisation objective and its strategy. The performance planning is done jointly by the employee and his line manager, as the employee has to understand his target and objective to achieve.
B) Performance appraisal and review:
The performance appraisal usually is done twice in the year in an organisation, one is in the mid of the year and the other in the end the of the year. This process is the employee go back to his objective which agreed and given to him and fill up the achievement over the period of the time and what he/she has done in each objective, after then the notes goes to the line manager, her the line manager will have a review session with the employee to discuss the achievement

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