1. What Is The Hook-Profet Hypothesis?

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1. Why is “morning sickness” an incorrect term? What term is better?
It is commonly called ‘morning sickness’ but a better term is gestational nausea and vomiting. Calling it ‘morning sickness’ implies that it only occurs in the morning hours, but this is not true. It happens throughout the day; not just mornings. Also, the term sickness relates to disease and this is by no means a disease. Healthy women experience these symptoms and give to birth to healthy, normal babies.
2. What is the Hook-Profet hypothesis? Explain the reasoning behind it.
The Hook-Profet hypothesis is that nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is a way to help protect the embryo from food-borne toxins. The reasoning behind it is that secondary compounds found in plant products we ingest daily can be beneficial in small quantities but in large
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The first is that nausea and vomiting maybe be unavoidable during pregnancy. If this were to be true, the symptoms would have no effect on the embryo but it seems that nausea and vomiting is neither necessary nor have a significant role. Studies from the article showed that 10% of females miscarried if they did not have vomiting and nausea and 4% that did experience nausea and vomiting still miscarried. Secondly, vomiting and nausea could relate a message from the body to the woman 's family that she may soon need extra food or to the significant other that sexual intercourse needs to decrease. This does not seem to be supported because they say that nausea and vomiting come at the pregnancy peak which is within the first 6-10 weeks (after conception). Also, intercourse does not affect the pregnancy unless it is at the very last few weeks, which is not typically when the nausea and vomiting occur. Third, the nausea and vomiting may act as an energy-reducer. But, this does not seem to be supported either because women tend to crave energy-rich foods and wane away from energy-poor foods during

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