1. What Is The Relic Of Chartres Cathedral?

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1. What is the relic of Chartres Cathedral? The relic of Chartres Cathedral is a tunic that belonged to the Virgin Mary. 2. Why would people travel long distances to see a relic? Relics are believed to have special spiritual powers and would benefit those who travel to pay respect to it. 3. What is a pilgrimage? A pilgrimage is a trip to a sacred place. 4. After the great fire in Chartres Cathedral, what happened to the relic? Everyone thought the relic burned along with the church; three days later the tunic was found undamaged. 5. What are some of the main differences between the Romanesque cathedral and the Gothic cathedral architecture? The Romanesque cathedral architecture contained thick plain supporting walls with few clear small windows. Whereas, the Gothic cathedral architecture contains high arches, large stained windows, jab figures.…show more content…
Describe the impact of the stained glass windows in the interior of the church. Even though the church is dark inside, the stained glass window fills up the church with bright colored light. 2. What particular elements of the architecture make the Gothic glass windows feasible? What made the Gothic glass windows achievable was to eliminate the four-part elevation, the gallery, and the triforium. 3. In your opinion, how does art serve religion in our own time? Art and religion has always gone hand-in-hand. With that being said not all religion uses art in the same form, their will be differences. For example, in Islamic art, art is concentrated on patterns and Arabic calligraphy, rather than
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