10, 000 Dresses Character Analysis

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In the book 10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert the relationship of the conflict in the story shows the strong character traits Bailey posses. Traits including persistance, initiative, and innovation. All of these traits show up despite the outside pressure of her families beliefs and discouraging words. These traits are only shown and intensified by the struggles our protagonist Bailey faces in her persuit to be herself and to create her magnificent 10,000 dresses. The first trait I would like to focus on would be Bailey's persistance. Without Bailey's clear persistance to fulfil her dreams she would most likely have fallen away from her ideas after her mother's strong discouraging words of “Bailey, what are you talking about? You're a boy. Boys don't wear dresses!”. Even after these words bailey insists to her mother that she doesn't feel like a boy, but because her mom doesn't understand she dismisses this notion telling Bailey she is not a boy and to never…show more content…
When Bailey walks past the crystal dress instead of this being the end of Bailey's beautiful dresses she finds her second dress which is made of lilies, roses, and honeysuckle sleeves. Bailey awakes excited once again about her dream but this time knows to distrust her mom who doesn't support her ideas and eagerly goes to her father in the back yard. Once again Bailey opens up to an adult in her life with enthusiam. Her father listens to her explain her dream without issue until Bailey asks for this dress she dreamed of. Bailey's father stands by the same beliefs of his wife and uses the same words as his wife to tell Bailey she is a boy no matter how she feels and therefor can not wear dresses and to never mention them again. If I as a child haden't first given up when my mother discouraged me this exhange with my father would have rocked me and surley have made me give up, but not
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