10, 000 In Debt Reflection

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I got myself into $10,000 dollars in debt. I can 't believe it! I did this by spending my money carelessly. I had bought a 2009 Chevy Traverse. I had bought this car because it was nice, new and it runs good. Little did I know that it would make me 10,000 in debt. I payed $9,495 for the Chevy. When I divided the cost I divided it by 60 (that is the longest I could get a car loan, 5 years) my car payment was $158.25 per month. I knew that this number was way to expensive for a college student. I had been making $2,302.65 a month after taxes. Paying that much for a car that is a family car, I am one person, I only need a little car.
On the worksheet, my estimated price was $3,075 a month. I had only been making $2,302. So I had cut back and changed a lot of my prices. I had been living by myself in a big house, I was paying $500 a month for rent to live by myself in Waterloo, Iowa. This was way too much money so I decided to have a friend come move in with me. Now I am paying $250 a
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That more of my money is going to important actual things, not interest on things in the past. It 's my hard earned money, I shouldn 't be giving it away for nothing in return.
Cut down on nonessentials and things I don 't need, then budget better so I don 't get into a bad situation. I do this because it is better to cut down on things you don 't need, and save on things you do in case of an emergency.
Only buy things that you have cash for. If you 're going to use a credit card pay it off at the end of the month. If you 're going to use a credit card use one that you get rewards for using, so you at least get something back for spending.
Budget your money better, but still budget for a little entertainment each month, you can also find activities in your community that are free and entertaining.
The better your credit score the better your interest rates and approval for loans. Banks, credit card companies, financing companies, credit unions and
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