10 Cloverfield Lane: Movie Analysis

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Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken with “10 Cloverfield Lane” was a similar movie sci-fi hit movie “Cloverfield”. It all starts off with Michelle drive away from her ex-husband till she gets into a car accident and which she awakens to shackle and an IV into her arm while she’s held captive in a bunker by two men, who claims that the outside world is affected by a chemical mass attack. This apocalypse thriller movie about a possible attack was okay a plot and had its own nerve wrecking scenes. This movie was definitely exhilarating to watch. The title brought back memories about “Cloverfield” which seemed to be a sequel which it wasn’t. Although it had its own twists and turns, it still had the same feel like “Cloverfield”. The well-furnished…show more content…
You would think it’s about a huge monster destroying everything, but really it’s about captivity which was great thriller that makes me want to see it again, but others would be disappointed in it. It felt rushed and came very fast. It was one of those movies that had me like “woe” which was fine and it worked for me, but also it made me think about the sounds and clues the characters gave out. This could’ve been a first viewing problem like you’re watching the movie the first time and you don’t know what to expect and you what’s the story is building to and you got to process it and really think about it, but led me into appreciating it more. I love the fact that you don’t know anything, but it creates this expectation in you that could lead you into not liking it, because you create these crazy expectations in your head, because you really don’t know what to expect from this film. It’s like a mystery box they create inside your head, so don’t go in this film without any expectations. Just expect a fun thriller with a very scary feel to it on a realistic level. So don’t go in expecting a “Cloverfield 2”, but a great thriller

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