10 Concepts: Elements And Process Of Administration

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INTRODUCTION This contextual project work consists of 10 concepts from the module entitled “Elements and process of administration”. Each of the concepts will be described in terms of its meaning, will be critically analyzed for its real life application and will be followed by some reference of the current research evidences. Real life application will explore a possible relationship of the concept with personal, social or professional life. 1. CONCEPT -1. PLANNING. This concept is taken from module 3 entitle “Elements and process of administration. The word planning can be described as deciding in advance what needs to be done and how to do it and when it has to be done. For any work to be successfully done, planning is essential. Nurses…show more content…
CONCEPT - 2 STAFFING. This concept is chosen from module 4.2 entitled elements and process of administration. Staffing is the process of filling positions in the organization with adequate and qualified personnel. It is acquiring, deploying and retraining a work force of sufficient quantity and quality to create positive impacts on the organization. Management has the function of employing and developing human resources for carrying out its activities. The right persons for the right jobs are employed to achieve job satisfaction and not boredom. When the right persons are employed to do various jobs, there is job satisfaction and fulfillment among the staff and organization goals will definitely be achieved. 2.1 Personal Context: Personally, I feel that the issue of staffing and staffing adequately should be a sensitive one that should be taken seriously. It pains me whenever I see the wrong people employed to do a job that they know little or nothing about. They are expected o learn on the job and earn less than what professionals in that area would have earned. The employer maximizes profit while rendering inadequate services to the desired goals expected by the organization and the…show more content…
Physiological needs are very essential to man because food, water, shelter, sleep etc are the essentials of life. The next need which is safety and security needs are very important for every member of the society. These days of insecurity has even increased the consciousness and awareness of this need. Love and belongingness is a social need for affection and friendship as everybody wants a meaningful relationship. Esteem needs produces satisfaction such as power, prestige and self confidence while self actualization need if met produces self fulfillment as one has attained one’s

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