10 Elements Of Formative Assessment

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Formative assessment are part of the learning, they are not graded like summative assessment, they as practice for students such as assignment. Formative assessment refers to ongoing assessment used by teachers to improve their teaching and students to improve their learning. Formative assessment helps teachers identify students’ level of understanding in particular subjects, learning objectives that not yet accomplished so alterations can be made to lessons and address where students are struggling. An effective formative consists of 10 elements noted as important feature can highly increase student learning.

First of all, formative assessment allow student to gain opportunity on how to take responsibility for their own learning, as example, teachers designed classroom assessment for students, students have to develop an understanding on their own and address findings for the challenge they encounter, all these able to help students aware of their learning needs and interests. Teachers can help student in learning but at the end of the day, student is the one who need to do the learning. Student will have better performance in studies if they figured out their strengths and weaknesses on particular subject they need to work on. Besides that, evaluation such as teachers explain learning aims, give effective feedback and check their understanding after each formative assessment, these helps students in communicate clear and specific learning goals. By setting goal,
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