Personal Narrative: The Book I Chose

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I will start with explaining why I chose the book I did. I will also go over two important aspects of the book that interested me. Such as tips to start off your day, and prioritizing your goals and accomplishments of the day. I have found two sources that Corroborate what I have read. Lastly, I will conclude with what I have actually gained, and how it will impact me in my life and future.
The Book I Chose I chose the book 10-Minute Mindfulness: 71 simple habits for living in the present moment, written by S. Scott and B. Davenport. I chose this book, since I am constantly looking for ways to improve my life. Honestly, living in the present moment sounds like a fantastic idea. Instead of constantly chasing the future and deadlines of things pending. Since my schedule is already pretty tight as it is, 10 minutes of my day sounded even better to me.
Writing three goals in the morning and Showing Appreciation Their were many habits that I could of chosen from, however two sounded like something I would love to implement in my life. The first being, defining three daily goals to accomplish for the day. (Scott, Davenport, 2017) Having just three goals to accomplish doesn’t
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(Benabio, 2016) Now I know I personal don’t have a year, but being part of program that will teach you how to be more present in your life sounds pretty good. According to Benabio (2016) the results were overwhelmingly positive. They say repition is the best way to keep a habit going, like say writing down goals you want to accomplish. Scott and Davenport (2017) say it takes 30 days for a habit to become a part of your daily routine. Ten minutes out of your day for 30 days, as opposed to starting an exercise regime for an hour three times a week for thirty days. Ten minutes looks pretty inticing, doesn’t

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