10 Minute Toughness Analysis

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10-Minute Toughness by Jason Selk is about teaching individuals how to be mentally prepared for competition (game) and sports. It targets the tools needed for mental toughness. It is designed to help coaches and athletes (competitors) seek and identify what it really takes to be successful, to improve confidence, concentration, and motivation, and to be driven through 10 minutes of practice every day. 10-Minute Toughness talks about three different phases of mental training and toughness: the mental workout, goal setting for greatness, and relentless solution focus. Following is a breakdown of the different phases and the steps for each phase. Phase 1: The Mental Workout deals with the mind and body. It includes five steps that help to maintain…show more content…
This is a tool to boost your self-confidence, which is one of the most helpful mental variables in bettering performance. You can repeat to yourself that you can do it no matter what, that you’re greater and stronger than you think, and that you have the drive to achieve great things in life. • Step 5: Final Centered Breath. This final centering breath helps you to stay relax until the accomplish moments of competition and training, it will be much easier for you to execute well. Phase 2: Goal Setting for Greatness has three step to greatness. Which are effective goal setting, personal rewards program, and tapping of the power of goals. • Effective Goal Setting is creating, planning on having that mindset of achieving that goal and dream. • Personal reward program is enhancing motivation by following that dream and goal of yours. The more you live it the more that dream will come alive and the more you become familiarized to using goals, the eminence of that goal and dream will improve. • Tapping the power of goals, continue to be that driven individual throughout practice, to ensure that the competition part is easy; basically, train hard enough to make competition easy. Train hard win…show more content…
Insure that you always have a plan "B" when something doesn't work out in that goal or in life. • The solution-focused tool. Is where you focus on what you want from life, and what you take to accomplish what you want in life and conflicting to having self-loathing and negative thoughts to inhabit that mind of yours? • Mental toughness. This is knowing yourself so you know what and how to think through hard times in your life. Summary I really enjoyed reading this book, and took a lot from it for my current life in sports. I realized, while reading, that I do need to take ten minutes every day to take a breather, relax and reflect on my own life goals. It made me think back to a time when I was down to where I wanted to quit, and then reviewed why I’m doing what I’m doing. As a sports competitor you have to be mentally, physically, and emotionally tough, but at the same time we all should take time to reflect and recuperate. Coaches need to incorporate this type of technique within their program to do a monthly check up with their athletes to see if they are healthy and doing the right things to continue practicing and competing. If the athlete is not doing the steps he or she is supposed to be doing, that’s when they may be broken and don’t know how to get back up. The ten-minute techniques in this book could change their life for the better and affirm that dream plan they have set out ahead of them. I will recommend this book to anyone, whether or

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