10 Most Powerful Words Analysis

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Even though individuals may think “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me” words can actually uplift individuals because words can propel people to their destiny and the Bible says death and life are in the tongue. Jack Hanes book The 10 Most Powerful Words you can say shifts the perspective of Christians view about words. That words can propel people to their God given destiny. To begin with, Jack encourages all believers to take conscience of their words and train their tongue to speak these powerful words: I believe, I care, I forgive, I need, I submit, I will, I won’t, I am, I can, and finally I must. Hanes says, “words are what prophets you. When you call something or name something, you are not subjugated to it. It is subjugated to you” (138, 139). Before every chapter Jack writes a quote about the word he will talk about in the chapter; for example, “we cannot let I can’t put a limit on our lives. In Christ we can say I can” (113). From the beginning Jack is tearing down strongholds with perspective shifts of words. Also, he puts assurance that we can say these words because Christians are in Christ! In Christ is where authority, power, and identity is rooted.…show more content…
These words drive us to our destiny, while creating boundaries to keep us safe and on
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