10 Places To Visit Mumbai Essay

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10 Places to visit in a city you have travelled Mumbai: In everyone’s life there will be many memories which will bring a big curve in their face when they thought of those memories. Especially when you travel to a place where it has a lot of stories to tell you and more memories for you. Some places are really special. Every place you visit will have a story to tell you and the best part is when that story will become a memory for you. One such place is Mumbai. There are many places to visit in Mumbai, but they are not just places they are memories. This city will become your favourite place whenever your mind searches for some peace. You may come out that place but you cannot come out from the memories. I’m sharing 10 such places in Mumbai, which I felt best places to spend time in Mumbai. To fill your chapter of travelling in the book of life with some great stuff and interesting adventures visit the following places in Mumbai. If you want to experience wonder you don’t need to disappear you just need a destination like Mumbai. Worli sea face: I think this is the best place to spend some with the special persons in life. Because this place is filled with love. Here you can…show more content…
If you want to reach Elephanta caves you need to travel one boat through the Arabian Sea for almost one hour. Throughout this way you can witness middle ground coastal battery which will give you a great experience. You can also witness Jawahar Dweep on the way. In Elepahata caves you can see the caves which are shaped into different forms. You can also see sculptures representing Lord Shiva on the mountains and stones. You can really enjoy the beauty of nature in this place. This is the best place for families to plan a picnic tour. Trust me that one hour journey and this place will remain forever in your book of memories in your mind. This will be the most adventurous trip in your

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