Persuasive Essay Of Book Banning

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Book banning is a really big problem. It has been going on for hundreds of years without protest. This is a problem because when people ban books, they hide the truth of what 's really happening in the world. People need to know what is really going on so that they can be prepared and fight for their opinion. This truth hiding is also causes society a portrayal of deceitfulness, which can cause problems. Next banning books takes away a person 's First Amendment right; this means that we are not getting our right to speech as listed on the first line of the Bill of Rights. Banning books takes away our Constitutional rights, which every American citizen has. These are just a few of the reasons books banning is a huge national problem. In the…show more content…
It is Logos for two reasons including a graph that displays the number of books banned from 1990 to 2010, and a graph showing the number of books banned for each reason. The first graph is effective in persuading the audience that book banning is bad, because it gives data on how book banning has decreased and increased over the past twenty years, showing that it can decrease even more with your help. The other graph shows how many books have been banned for absolutely ridiculous reasons. This is hiding the truth. With these, you will realize that book banning is evil. The second reason is the list of dozens of banned books. In the articles “Banned Books That Shaped America” and “25 Banned Books That You Should Read Today”, just a few of the many banned and neglected books throughout America are given. This persuades you, the audience, because you will see a lot of good stories on the list, some might even be a favorite of yours. You will then realize that if they ban the books that you love and read over and over again and agree with one hundred percent that the people in power are deciding your favorite books for you. Just because they agree with it you are not allowed to read it. This invokes Pathos as well because it is making you angry. It makes you want to stand out against book banning so that no one else 's favorite book is banned by a person with power that has a different opinion than
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