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Greek is one of the best place to visit in Europe. With plenty of historic places to go, the amazing views and the fun activities to do, there's no reason to fall in love with Greece. Here are 10 reasons to fall in love with Greece.

The Parthenon
Greece is rich with history and culture that inspired most of the things people experience today. Parthenon is a temple located on the Acropolis, a hill overlooking the city of Athens Greece. The Parthenon is considered to be the first-rate example of Doric-style construction. Doric is a construction style adorned by plainer columns.

Built by Phidas, a well renowned sculptor, a Greek politician credited with the founding city of Athens, the Parthenon is considered as one of the most important surviving embodiment of classical Greece. This excellent harmonious
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Built by the Athenians to replace an older uncompleted temple, it is believed that before this temple was built, a small temple was erected on the southern side of the later temple.

Similar to the Parthenon, the Temple of Poseidon is emphasizes on the Doric-type construction.

The Delphi Theater
Delphi, a UNESCO world heritage site is another reason to fall in love with Greece. Delphi is both an archaeological site and a modern town in Greece. Constructed on the hill facing a valley, it's an absolute beauty makes it worth the effort to be there.

The Delphi theater is build further up the hill from the Temple of Apollo. It is built in such a way the it presented the audience with a spectacular view of the entire sanctuary below and the valley beyond it.

The theater has 35 rows and can accommodate up to five thousand spectators, who, during those times people enjoyed watching plays, poetry readings and musical events held whenever a festival took place in Delphi.

The Iconic
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