10 Things I Hate About You Essay

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The movie “10 Things I Hate About You” and “The Taming of The Shrew” has a similar story with the characters. The movie “Taming of the shrew” has two main characters Petruchio and Katharina. The movie is about Petruchio making his wife Katharina the kindnest wife. The movie “10 things I hate about you” has two main characters as well. They are Patrick and Kat. The movie is about Patrick, who tries to date Kat because he was paid but he started to like Kat for sincerity. This essay will compare the two main characters of the movies. Katharina and Kat. The essay will compare their similarities, difference and the background of the movies. The character Katharina from Taming and Kat from Ten Things have a lots of similarities to each other. Katharina and Kat both had a little sister. They all fought a lot with their sisters. Katharina and Kat personality was poor and they were angry at themselves. They couldn 't control their anger so everyone was afraid of them. However they changed when they met their love Petruchio and Patrick. Katharina’s husband Petruchio get paid to marry Katharina because his dad didn 't allowed Bianca…show more content…
Kat hated Patrick because she knew Patrick dated her cause of money but she forgive him because she still loved him. Petruchio liked money he said “I came to wive in Padua, If wealthily than happily in Padua”. It is different relationships between Katharina and Petruchio with Kat and Patrick. Katharina and Petruchio didn’t loved each other as a relationship but Kat and Patrick did loved each other. Also there personality was different a bit. Katharina was mean and aggressive to everyone with no reason. Her character was just like that. Kat Kat had sex with Cameron even she didn’t want that. Every one was doing so she cant stop him. After that she hated boys and she didn’t want her sister to get hurt like her. That’s why she act like that. This is the difference of Katharina and kat. Kat and Katharina was different how they treated their
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